Elektror, Germany-List of top ten famous centrifugal fan brands in the world

List of top ten famous centrifugal fan brands in the world

Centrifugal fan is a kind of machine that depends on the input mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and exhaust gas. This is a fluid driven machine. Centrifugal fans are widely used in ventilation, dust removal and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; Ventilation and induced draft of boilers and industrial furnaces; Cooling and ventilation; Drying and selective transportation of grain; Wind tunnel wind source and inflation and propulsion of hovercraft. According to the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy, the centrifugal fan uses the high-speed rotating impeller to accelerate the gas, then decelerate and change the flow direction to convert kinetic energy into potential energy (pressure).

8. Elektror, Germany

Elektror was founded in 1923. It has been 97 years since its establishment. In 1935, elektror was engaged in the manufacturing business of blowers. Now elektror is an international leading supplier of industrial fans, radial blowers, axial fans and side fans. The company integrates planning, design, production, testing and sales. It has the most advanced machining workshop in Europe, a workshop for the production of motors and a first-class quality management system. The product has compact and beautiful structure, easy installation and long service life, and has obtained DIN EN ISO 9001 quality certificate. High quality, high efficiency, energy saving and low noise fans bring higher economic benefits to users. Elecro has fans all over the world. High quality products and good after-sales service are the basis for winning the market. Since January 2008, the industrial fan factory established by elecro in Zabrze, Poland has been officially put into operation. Elecro can provide more large-scale fan products to meet the market demand. Elektror fans are mainly used in drying technology, food / beverage industry, refrigeration / air conditioning / heat and water engineering, environmental engineering, material treatment, textile industry, packaging and printing and other industries.