Main faults of fan and their causes-centrifugal fan

Common faults of fan

Main faults of fan and their causes-centrifugal fan-SUNLIGHT BLOWER,Centrifugal Fans, Inline Fans,Motors,Backward curved centrifugal fans ,Forward curved centrifugal fans ,inlet fans, EC fans

Common fault phenomenon: dust accumulation on impeller

Reason: backward inclined blade is easy to stick. Cause the impeller to lose dynamic balance and cause fan vibration.

Treatment: regular manual cleaning; Use planned maintenance or fault shutdown to regularly clean the dust on the blades to ensure the operation accuracy of the fan; Change the air inlet of the fan from horizontal air inlet to lower air inlet. Although the air inlet resistance increases slightly, the air inlet quality of the fan is greatly improved.

Common fault phenomenon: failure cause of lubrication system: the clearance between oil pump bearing hole and gear shaft is too small, and the radial clearance between inner hole of shell and gear is too small; The clearance between gear end face and bearing end face and side cover end face is too small; Poor quality of lubricating oil, improper viscosity or excessive moisture; Treatment: overhaul to make the gap reach the required range; Adjust the clearance; Replace the lubricating oil of centrifugal fan

Common fault phenomenon: vibration cause: weak foundation, sinking or deformation; Bending deformation of main shaft; The opening of outlet valve is too small; Treatment: repair and reinforce the foundation; Replace the spindle; Adjust the valve properly;

Common fault phenomenon: high bearing temperature cause: bearing damage; Incorrect selection of lubricating oil or grease; The lubricating oil level is too high or insufficient; Insufficient cooling water; Treatment: replace the bearing; Re select and replace appropriate oil products; Adjust the oil level;