commissioning of fan-centrifugal fan

commissioning of fan 

commissioning of fan-centrifugal fan-SUNLIGHT BLOWER,Centrifugal Fans, Inline Fans,Motors,Backward curved centrifugal fans ,Forward curved centrifugal fans ,inlet fans, EC fans

1) Inspection before commissioning

The fan shall be subject to joint inspection before trial operation. The trial operation can be carried out only when the following conditions are met.

(1) Recheck the installation quality of fan and auxiliary system, which must meet the requirements of design drawings and product technical documents.

(2) The name, model, main performance and quantity of fan lubricating oil shall comply with the provisions of equipment technical documents.

(3) The devices, pipelines, valves and instruments of lubrication, cooling, sealing, safety and regulation systems shall be flexible, easy to use and reliable.

(4) When turning the fan rotor, it shall rotate flexibly without friction and collision.

(5) The rotation direction of the motor shall be consistent with the movement direction of the fan.

2) Commissioning requirements and precautions of fan

Try to start the fan for the first time, that is, stop the fan immediately as soon as it starts, and check whether there are abnormal phenomena and abnormal sounds everywhere. If everything is normal, continuous operation can be started.

For the centrifugal fan, the continuous test run time of the fan is generally not less than 2H. After the operation of the centrifugal blower reaches the rated speed, the fan shall be adjusted to the minimum load for continuous operation for more than 8h. If there is no abnormality, it shall be gradually adjusted to the design load for continuous operation for more than 24h. If there is no abnormality, the test run can be stopped.

During the test run, the operation of each part of the fan and motor shall be checked frequently, and the current, voltage, vibration, motor temperature and bearing temperature shall be checked every half an hour and recorded. The variation of current, voltage, vibration and noise shall not exceed the value specified in the design. There shall be no leakage in the oil, water and gas system.