8″ (inch)Inline duct fan (steel & plastic housing/impeller)

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8″ (inch)Inline duct fan (steel & plastic housing/impeller)-SUNLIGHT BLOWER,Centrifugal Fans, Inline Fans,Motors,Backward curved centrifugal fans ,Forward curved centrifugal fans ,inlet fans, EC fans

4″ (inch)Inline duct fan (steel & plastic housing /impeller)

6″ (inch)Inline duct fan (steel & plastic housing/impeller)

8″ (inch)Inline duct fan (steel & plastic housing/impeller)

10″ (inch)Inline duct fan(steel & plastic housing/impeller)

12 ” (inch)Inline duct fan(steel & plastic housing/impeller)

Max 12″ (inch)Inline duct fan(steel & plastic housing/impeller)

Forward curved centrifugal fans Φ185

ETL Approved https://sunlightblower.com/9702.html

Forward curved centrifugal fans Φ146

ETL Approved https://sunlightblower.com/9701.html

Steel backward curved centrifugal fan Φ250

ETL Approved https://sunlightblower.com/9599.html

Steel backward curved centrifugal fan Φ280

ETL Approved https://sunlightblower.com/9604.html

Plastic backward curved centrifugal fan Φ 190

ETL Approved https://sunlightblower.com/9536.html