Types of hydroponic vegetables

Types of hydroponic vegetables

In China, leafy vegetables are the most common hydroponic vegetables, including lettuce, agaric, cabbage, purple back, leaf beet, chicory, Beijing cabbage and watercress, while fruits and vegetables include cucumber, melon and tomato. In European and American countries, hydroponic vegetables also include vanilla, lettuce, lettuce, berries, marijuana, pepper, spinach, sesame, kale, etc.

In 2017, green leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce were the largest hydroponic vegetables grown indoors in the global market, with a large consumption of fresh vegetables. It is estimated that lettuce accounted for more than 32.9% of the global market share of hydroponic vegetables in 2017. The cultivation of Hydroponic Lettuce is increasing due to the increasing demand of families and fast-food chains throughout North America.

In 2018, the market share of Tomato in the global market exceeded 30%, and became the largest hydroponic crop in the world, because planting is faster and requires less water than conventional planting.

Indoor farmers use rock wool, perlite or coconut shell as growth materials for tomato hydroponic cultivation. It is estimated that by 2025, Europe and the Asia Pacific region will cultivate the largest number of tomatoes through hydroponic methods.

(market share of tomato hydroponics in different regions in 2017)

(global market share of different types of hydroponic vegetables in 2019)

The production of tomatoes, lettuce and other leafy vegetables produced by hydroponics is expected to continue to grow. Experiments with climbing plants are also promising. Large scale cultivation of grapes, plums and other fruits by water culture is expected.

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