Realize the freedom of growing vegetables indoors?

Realize the freedom of growing vegetables indoors? The American company raised $20 million to move the vertical ecosystem into its home – overseas case

At present, with the increasingly prominent problem of food safety, people begin to show more and more concern about the vegetable basket in their opponents. Vegetable planting modes such as greenhouse planting and smart greenhouse have emerged one after another, but they all have a common characteristic, that is, high construction cost and suitable for large-scale production. Based on the above characteristics, it is estimated that we have long discouraged ordinary individuals from yearning for the freedom of growing vegetables.

Do you remember the vegetable planting mode using LED and hydroponics indoors in the movie star trek? Today, this planting mode has already been applied in the real world. It is easy for users to harvest healthy and safe green leafy vegetables. So, what should we do if we want to realize the freedom of growing vegetables at home? Recently, 35dou found such an agricultural technology enterprise developing indoor vertical planting system, and we also hope to bring you new inspiration by introducing this American enterprise named gardyn.

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