IFAE 2022 registration

IFAE 2022 registration

The global agricultural food industry is undergoing drastic changes in the environment of technological innovation, changes in the trade environment and changes in competitive factors. The original successful experience has been falsified and new models and new channels are rising rapidly. It is urgent to summarize the current situation and future trend of global industrial development from the perspective of underlying technology, industrial application and industrial clusters, clarify the key challenges faced by the industry, and clearly describe the industrial pattern and competitive quadrant.

The future of agriculture lies in a mystery. Therefore, IFAE 2022 international future agricultural food expo came into being and will be unveiled in Jiangsu Baima from April 22 to 24, 2022!

IFAE 2022 will be an Expo focusing on global cutting-edge technologies to see how digital technology clusters, life science technology clusters, new materials and intelligent manufacturing technology clusters innovate agriculture; IFAE 2022 will be an Expo focusing on China’s application, looking for a path suitable for China’s characteristic agricultural industrialization; IFAE 2022 will be an Expo connecting the whole agricultural industrial chain, from technology to application, from products to channels, from farmland to dining table, to tap the value increment of the whole industrial chain.

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