Fan installation

Fan installation

1) Disassembly inspection

(1) When installing the fan, carefully disassemble the casing and bearing box according to the requirements of the operating procedures, and remove the impeller for cleaning and inspection (the fan with direct drive can not be disassembled for cleaning).

(2) Clean and inspect bearings, transmission devices and lubrication, cooling and sealing systems. In addition to cleaning the pipelines of lubrication system, cooling system and sealing system to ensure smooth flow, the pressure parts shall be subject to strength test and tightness test according to the regulations.

(3) Clean and check the regulating mechanism.

(4) Check the motor and starter.

(5) The material and machining accuracy of all parts of the fan shall meet the requirements of the product technical documents.

2) Fan assembly

When assembling the fan, it shall be carried out step by step in the reverse order of disassembly. The assembly clearance and assembly accuracy of all parts of the fan shall meet the requirements of the product technical documents. After the fan is assembled, rotate the impeller. It is required that the impeller should not stop at the original position after each rotation, and the impeller does not touch the casing.

3) Installation of integral unit

During the installation of the whole unit of the fan, the sizing block shall be padded on the foundation according to the regulations and preliminarily leveled. The unit shall be directly placed on the foundation sizing block, the foot bolts shall be put on, the nuts shall be put on, and then tightened after alignment.

The inlet and outlet air pipelines, valves and adjustment devices of the fan shall be provided with independent supports and firmly connected with the foundation or other buildings. The connection between the pipeline and the fan shall not be stifled, and the casing shall not bear the weight of other parts to prevent the casing from deformation. After the installation of fan pipeline and auxiliary system, recheck the clearance and concentricity of each part.

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