Preparation before installation

Installation and acceptance of centrifugal fan

Preparation before installation

(1) After the fan arrives, relevant personnel shall jointly carry out unpacking acceptance. The centrifugal fan shall check the following contents:

① Check the position and direction of air inlet and outlet.

② Check the main dimensions of impeller, casing, shaft, coupling and other parts.

③ The rotation direction, air volume and air pressure of the impeller must comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents.

④ The air outlet and air inlet shall be tightly covered with cover plates.

⑤ Do a good job in the preparation of construction technology. After the issuance of construction drawings, be carefully familiar with the drawings and the construction site, and prepare the construction scheme according to the requirements of design drawings and the specific conditions of the site. For more complex installation works, the construction operation design shall be well done, and the technical disclosure and technical training shall be well done according to the approved construction scheme and construction operation design.

(2) Make preparations for construction appliances, tools, machinery, equipment, materials, oil, sheds, warehouses and other construction sites.

(3) Measure and set out before construction, and construct the fan foundation and air duct support according to the requirements of design drawings and specifications.

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